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Most overnight success stories we read about today don’t divulge the many years of pig headed discipline and determination it took to reach that success. My point is, many times FAST is not always reality.

With that said, there are some force multipliers you can use to increase your marketing results but the truth is 73% of marketing initiatives fail and by adding some of these little known marketing secrets you can increase your chances of success faster.

1 Lead Magnet- an educational based content piece that shares valuable information within 5 minutes such as a book, research, guide, report, cheat sheet, free trial etc.

2 Risk-reversal- a little known marketing approach that makes it easier for someone to try or buy your product/service without feeling wounded if it doesn’t perform as promised. Essentially, you remove the risk of buying up-front. A common example is a satisfaction guarantee.

3 Urgency/Offers- Coupons have expiration dates for a reason. Without expiration dates, people wouldn’t hurry to use them. A limited time special offer can speed up results tremendously.

Start testing some of these approaches in your marketing messages. Instead of having your logo, phone number, and nice graphics use these 3 tactics for faster results.

– The Enchantment Team

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