From start to finish we will work with you to assess your needs and design a brand that speaks to your audience.


Based off your individualized needs & budget we work directly with you to create a customized campaign.


We will execute and manage all aspects of your campaign, and deliver you data driven results.

We Help Businesses To Connect
& Grow

Our Team Will Utilize A Full Suite Of Digital Marketing Services Including: Video Production, Reputation Management, Social Media Management & Marketing, Website Design & Development, Marketing Strategy, Google Ads, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition & More.

Our dedicated team will create custom content, reach the proper audience, with the right message, at the right time.  Media is crafted to fully leverage the power that lies with your business. Our team would then build brand loyalty, reputation, and forge new life-long business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships and friendships every day.

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We are your leader in providing affordable full suite digital marketing services to all of New Mexico. We are proud of our heritage and love to help and give back to our community.

Web Development

Website development is one of our strongest skill sets. We will work with you and build a custom user friendly site, that is optimized to work on any device.

Brand Reputation

Your reputation online can either make or break your business. We scan all digital networks for mentions of your business and maintain a positive image.

Social Media

We have experience designing campaigns and social profiles for all major social media platforms such as Facebook & Linked In.

Modern Strategies

Apart from traditional marketing our team also utilizes targeted email campaigns, text, radio, and voicemail marketing strategies.

By Working Together We Can Achieve More Success
Skills & Expertise

At Enchantment Marketing LLC, Our Mission Is To Enable Businesses Throughout The Southwest To Realize Their Full Potential. We Consider Our Mission Statement A Commitment To Our Customers. We Deliver On That Commitment By Striving To Create Media That Is Accessible To Everyone.

Creative Control

With you as the director, we will provide innovative solutions that will increase brand awareness, boost site traffic, and grow sales and leads.

Experienced & Talented

We have some of the brightest talents in the State. Our creative team will develop industry leading campaigns that will boost traffic to your business.

Offers 24/7 Quick Support

Our local presence allows us to provide our clients with unmatched customer service, and provide legendary individualize marketing plans.

Our Creative Team

We have over 30 year of combined professional marketing experience. Our team comprises the topmost talent in the state.

Richard Jimenez
Greg Haynes
Web Specialist & Developer
    Simon Otero
    Project Manager
      Rebecca King
      Project & Social Media Manager
        Greg Garcia
        Sales Representative
          Daniel Arvizo
          Videography & Photography
            Satisfied Customers
            " Richard has the unique combination of knowing the technical and performance side of social media and internet marketing along with the ability to connect with customers. He is a talented individual who also creates wonderful videos to post. "
            Deb G.
            “ It is my pleasure to recommend Enchantment Marketing for your digital marketing needs. Having worked with them in a professional capacity over the past 6 months, I can confidently say that they HAVE increased our bottom line. Richard has professionalism, creative digital strategies, an honest approach to sales, and an ability to listen to our needs and quickly respond to the ongoing challenges in a rapidly changing digital firmament. ”
            Esmael Valdez DDS
            " Richard, I am so very proud of the work that Enchantment Marketing has been doing for the taste of the Caribbean. We are very fortunate to have you sharing our information to the public. After the ART project on Central we surely need a push to get our customers coming back on Central and your expertise and knowledge of how to build and expand a business really helped. "
            Sheryl S.
            " I am writing this today because I feel I owe Enchantment Marketing the "credibility" they deserve. I recommend Enchantment Marketing to all you small and large business owners. The price was right and the work these guys and gals do is phenomenal! Thank you all so much! "
            Ray and the CBD Paradise Family
            " We have Richard and his team manage all of our business social media platforms. They are on top of it with making sure that we have a constant and quality feed on a daily basis. They are super efficient with letting us know if there is a problem and help with providing feedback for the issue. They are definitely doing our SEO next. Thanks Richard and team for all your help. "
            Carter D.
            “ Richard, just wanted to thank you for your hard work in getting the Owl Cafe up to speed on the social media platforms. We have been pleasantly surprised by the response received due to your professionalism and knowledge. You made us feel that we were your number one priority, not just another number lost in the corporate swamp. The video was fantastic, the follow ups, the promotional suggestions have definitely made us a better restaurant and it has been worth every dollar spent. ”
            Wayne M.
            " It is a pleasure working with Enchantment Marketing. They have been very helpful in getting us going with our business and getting new customers. "
            George G.
            “ All I can say is WOW! Enchantment Marketing did a phenomenal job on my website! They were fast, easy to talk to, payed attention to detail and produced way better than I ever expected! If you are looking to build your website and get your business booming, Enchantment Marketing is the place to go! ”
            Lisa S.
            “ Enchantment Marketing will work with you to assure your business receives internet traffic and will work with you at an affordable rate. They are professional and upfront. ”
            Betsy S.
            “ These guys rock! I have gotten massive value working with them! ”
            Dr. Trey S.
            “ Enchantment Marketing was very professional, attentive, and kept up with all of our needs on a daily basis. They made sure they met all our needs along with bringing in new and maintaining our current clientele. They did a great job getting us set up with an awesome website. Thank you Enchantment Marketing! ”
            Ariel M.
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