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The WCAG states that there are four main principles you’ll need to follow to create an accessible website: That your site is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. Within these principles, you can dive deeper into guidelines to reference and apply to your site. 


1. Perceivable

First, it’s imperative that visitors can perceive or understand and be aware of the content you present on your website.

Keep in mind that “perceive” doesn’t always equate to seeing with one’s eyes — users who have blindness or low vision often use screen reader software, which converts text into synthesized speech or braille characters. Your job is to consider all the ways you can make your content as perceivable as possible when creating and updating your site.


2. Operable

Next up is operable. An operable website means your visitors can use it without disruption. It also means that all visitors can use each part of the site’s functionality, from navigating to the contact page to selecting a link from a menu to playing a video.

Generally speaking, you can make your site more operable by keeping it simple. Additionally, you may consider ditching excess functionality that could impede users with disabilities and limitations.


3. Understandable

In addition, your site content must be understandable. Yes, this refers to both your written and graphic content.

Keep in mind that folks with various cognitive disabilities are visiting your site. You’re isolating valuable users if your site is too verbose or jumbled. This also spells trouble for folks who don’t speak your site’s predominant language. Keep it digestible.

This also applies to your site structure. Your pages must be intuitively organized, and your navigation readily available. 


4. Robust

Lastly, your content should be robust enough to be easily interpreted by folks with various assistive technologies, such as screen readers. To achieve this, write HTML that allows assistive technologies to parse your code without a visual reference.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Enchantment Marketing. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on Enchantment Marketing:

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